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Time to Reflect & Happy New Year!

Time to Reflect & Happy New Year!

I thought I would hop on here and take some time to reflect about this past year as a small business owner.  I still can't believe it has almost been a year of The Lounging Bee being "open" online.  Around this time last year I had to quarantine at home due to a Covid19 scare at my work.  On top of the two weeks in quarantine, I knew I had another two for the holiday break, giving me an entire month off from work life.  I knew this was a now or never moment, sitting at home, thinking, why not just start my dream business RIGHT.NOW?!

Nervous, anxious, SO EXCITED!  My creative juices were flowing so naturally, I had this rush of excitement, but also the fear of WHAT IF I fail in front of my entire town?  These fears are what I feel prevent so many people from taking the leap and for some reason, for whatever reason, I knew I had to take that jump and just DO.IT.  So what if you fail, so what if it doesn't work out, it is better than regretting and always wondering, what if? 

I am so happy I started The Lounging Bee and the support of my town has been amazing!  I already knew how amazing the Grafton, MA community was, but this business highlighted it even more.  I am so, so very grateful for all of the Grafton, MA residents support in my first year in business, as well as surrounding towns and some from afar in the United States!  Thank you, thank you, thank you...I cannot say it enough!  

I hope everyone is just as excited as I am to see what the New Year will bring for The Lounging Bee.  As I like to say, go big, or go home!  

P.S.  Get Outside, Even in the Winter New Englanders! ;)  

Kayla, Owner & Founder of The Lounging Bee

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